What is Organic SEO?

What is Organic SEO?

Organic SEO, or simply just SEO, is an abbreviation for search engine optimization, which is a form of marketing techniques that help websites improve their rank in organic search results.  It is one of the most important marketing tools a business can use to grow their customer base and increase revenue.

SEO is the practice of improving a website through design and technical adjustments to increase traffic on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Websites that use SEO to improve their rank on search engines are proven to receive more visits by potential customers. In fact, if your website does not show up on the first page of a search engine query you are not likely to be found by potential customers.

How do SEO services work?

The goal of SEO Services is to improve the rank of a website on Search Engine Results Pages(SERPS) to drive more sales and increase brand awareness.  In a study done by Moz, a little over 70 percent of all traffic to a website comes from a page one organic click on Google. Just over 5 percent of website traffic comes from second page organic clicks. So you can see how important it is to increase your sites ranking on google and other search engines.

The job of an organic seo company is to use the seo strategies to get your site on the first page of search engines. These strategies include; keyword research, content creation, link building, optimizing site design to improve user experience, increase page load speed, and adding image alt tags.

SEO Strategies & Tips That Work


Keyword research:

an exercise of finding relevant words and phrases that will help boost ranking and drive traffic to a website. There are several tools available that give data to help researchers find keywords. Competitor research is also a good way to get an idea of what keywords increase ranking.

Content creation:

This is a pretty self explanatory task. Websites that offer more relevant and fresh content are typically rewarded by Google and other search engines. Creating content will allow you to put that keyword research to the test, the more content the more words and phrases that rank in organic search. That doesn’t mean you should just throw up as much content on your website as possible. The copywriting of content should be natural and easily digestible to the users visiting your site. It is important to structure an organic seo campaign that will work cohesively with the rest of your site and remember to avoid adding duplicate content. Duplicate content appears as spam and is penalized by Google and other search engines. Following these content creation guidelines and you will see an increase in organic seo growth.

Link building:

A good seo practice that is defined by Moz as the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. This allows web crawlers to navigate from other websites to yours which helps search engines discover new web pages and tells them that you are a popular site and people should visit you. The more popular your site is the higher you will appear in organic search results. In the early days it was easy to fool the search engines to appear more popular than you were by artificially boosting the amount of links directed to a web page. Google has since made algorithm updates to weed out sites that manipulate organic search rankings. Now, an organic SEO company has to follow a more stringent guideline of creating quality links to avoid being penalized by search engines. It is the job of an organic SEO company to figure out what makes a quality link through research and experimentation.

SEO friendy website:

Another important tactic to increase organic seo growth by improving the user experience through good design. A quality website should be easy to navigate and find relevant information that a user is searching, avoid broken pages and have a visually pleasing design. This means making sure that a site’s navigation works properly, optimizing URLs to be easily found in organic search, making sure content can be crawled by search engine spiders without issues, and keeping the content on pages fresh and relevant.

Increase page load speed:

Other than improving the user experience, page load speed is a factor in Google and other search engines algorithms to determine the rank of a website. Slow page load speed increases the bounce rate of a website and will affect organic seo growth for new websites and can lead to a decrease in unpaid organic search rankings. Organic SEO companies use various technical practices to improve page load speed.

Adding image alt tags:

The practice of adding descriptions to images and media in code, which allows Google and other search engines to identify the content and judge its relevance. This simple yet effective organic SEO practice is sure to help a website improve in rankings and bring in more traffic.
By making these optimizations and keeping your site free of errors you will see your site move up in ranking. However, it is important to remember that these improvements do not work overnight and it is important to be patient to see results.


Why is SEO marketing important for online businesses?

Despite the fact that SEO marketing will improve the ranking and visibility to potential customers, it will also improve the functionality of your website that creates a better experience for users who find your company online. Many first impressions from new customers come from finding businesses online. Implementing good organic SEO marketing practices will insure that you leave a lasting impression and give potential customers confidence in your brand. The fact is 81 percent of people search online for a product or service, so if you are not budgeting either your time or money into SEO marketing you are putting your business and brand at a large disadvantage. Here are some easy optimizations that you can implement on your own;


How to see SEO growth & increase revenue for your company

Now that we’ve gone over what seo is and what it can do for your website, here are some easy optimizations that you can implement on your own;

  • Add multimedia to each page on your site. One study showed that sites displaying quality multimedia on over 96 percent of pages outperformed competitors in organic search rankings.
  • Add image alt tags to all images on your website. Be sure to use keywords relevant to the images displayed. This gives users with screen readers and search engines information on what images you are displaying.
  • Linked table of contents on pages helps Google better understand the content of the page. Also improves UX, which factors into SERPs rankings.
  • Create a new blog post at least 2 times per month. Make sure to use  relevant keywords, but be sure not to overuse a targeted keyword. This is called keyword stuffing, which was once an impactful SEO strategy. It is now considered spam by Google and will be penalized. Be sure to make your blog post around  1000-2000 words. Many SEOs believe the more words the more boost you get in ranking, but a recent study done by Jeff Baker at Moz found a lack of correlation among blog posts over 2000 words. Emphasis should be on the quality and natural flow of the content.
  • Update and revise old content regularly. An older page that is updated regularly will outrank new content, allegedly. Keep creating fresh content, but don’t forget to revisit old pages that still may be giving your site juice. In the same study done by Jeff Baker, there seemed to be strong evidence that content takes around three to five months to show improvements in organic seo rankings. Be patient!
  • Make adjustments to your URL length. Long URLs don’t perform as well as shorter URLs.
  • Use keywords in title tags. There is also an indication that a targeted keyword in the beginning of the title tag outperforms one towards the end of the tag. Sites also benefit from keywords in the h1, h2 & h3 tags.


Be sure to add a detailed about me/contact page. This improves the user experience and is rewarded by Google and other search engines.


Who is Organic SEO Group?

OSG is a digital marketing agency that specializes in driving customers to clients websites by implementing proven seo strategies. By using the best analytical tools available we are able to track your site’s performance in real time and create an organic SEO campaign that will bring customers to your site.

If you know that organic SEO growth will increase your revenue, but find yourself overwhelmed by the task of optimizing your site, we would love to help! Please contact us for a free quote on a monthly, no contract organic SEO service.

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